Our Services

  • Support for carers

    We offer several ways of supporting those who care for a person with mental health problems or an enduring mental illness. We also provide support and information to families distressed by a member abusing illicit drug.

    One-to-one Support

    Our support workers are available to meet with carers in our office upon scheduled appointment to provide ongoing personal support. We are able to offer information about services available from other organisations.

    Telephone Support / Helpline

    Sometimes you may not be able to meet with one of our support workers. We are able to offer telephone support during office hours where staff will be on hand to give support, information or listen if you simply need someone to talk to about your difficulties.

    Carers Education & Training

    This programme is an in-depth educational session for relatives and informal carers of those experiencing severe mental illness including Bi-Polar Disorder, severe depression or Schizophrenia. Information will be provided about the illnesses, treatments, local support services and coping mechanism. The programme is held in our conducive conference room once a month for 4 – 5 people in each session. You will have to book in advance to reserve a slot in the session.

    The programme covers topics such as:

    • What is severe mental illness?
    • Coping with positive symptoms
    • Coping with negative symptoms
    • Impact on the family
    • Coping in a crises
    • Treatment resources
    • Recovery
    • Looking after yourself

    Say no to drugs

    The level of substance abuse among our youth population especially has reached an alarming proportion. The story is not just about the frequent and public consumption of Marijuana (Indian hemp) but also cocaine, heroin, cough syrup, amphetamine and codeine among others. Drugs have found their way into most of our schools including the primary schools. These substances of different kinds are associated with drowsiness, sedation, respiratory depression and psychosis, while some are blown full to mental illness.

    Say no to drugs is designed to create more awareness about youth vulnerability and to give help where necessary. The program will be campaigning against the use of illicit drugs. Specific campaign materials have been developed to help young people and their parents understand more about the harmful effect on illicit drug use. The program acts as a support network.


    Do you have challenges with your mental health? Are you finding it difficult to afford treatment? Contact us to find out if you qualify for our free services.

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